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Page Summary: Push, Pull & Drag Sales

Push, Pull and Drag Sales

Did you ever wonder how a car dealer can advertise $5,000 Trade-In Allowance for anything you can Push, Pull or Drag to the sales lot?

The key is the work Allowance. The dealer never offers cash but an Allowance toward your new car purchase.

These ads are a sure sign of two things: High-Pressure sales tactics and Fake Dealer Fees.

No dealer can give away $5,000 on every car and stay in business. Besides, if they were really loosing money on the transaction, why would they advertise it? No way. Once you arrive with your rusty riding lawn mower as a trade you will see a Dealer Add-On sticker in every car window increasing the price by several thousand dollars. Next the sales staff knows you are a Spread Buyer and will use the appropriate high-pressure tactic to sell you a car.

When you show up for a Push, Pull & Drag Sale the dealer knows you care about the Spread between what your trade is worth and the new car price. They have years of experience in focusing on the Spread while gouging customers on the financing, insurance products and fees.

Just remember, every day is a sale day in the car business.

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