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Page Summary: Lost Title

Florida Lost Titles

When you purchase a vehicle, a new title is issued in your name. The title should be kept in a safe place and never in the vehicle. The traditional paper title is gradually being replaces with e-Titles also know as Electronic-Titles. If you are looking for your title and cannot find it, check to see if it is an e-Title before applying for a replacement. Just follow the links to find out more!

Replacing a Paper Title


You probably won’t need your paper title again until the vehicle is sold or destroyed. If you cannot find it the state Division of Motor Vehicles will supply a duplicate. You must submit Form HSMV 82101 to your local tax collectors office with proof of Lien satisfaction, if applicable and the necessary fees.

Replacement Title for Motor Vehicle $29.25
Fast Title Service at Tax Collectors Office $7.00 extra
Replacement Title for Vessel $6.00
Fast Title Service at Tax Collectors Office $5.00 extra

Before you apply for a Lost Title, make sure you don’t have an Electronic Title!

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Electrically Maintained Titles

The Division of Motor Vehicles has recently introduced an Electronic Title Service. This is an expansion of the earlier Electronic Lien Service. With this service you do not receive a paper title until you request it through the DMV website.

With the new system your title cannot be lost or stolen and all lien information is maintained electronically.

See our Electronic Tile page for more information on the new system.

Check to see if your title is maintained electronically.

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