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Page Summary: Disability & Handicap Permits

Disabled Parking Permits

Disabled Parking permits are very important to the handicapped. All 50 states honor disabled permits from other states. Receiving a disabled license plate or placard is not difficult but the issuing guidelines and use of the permit are closely regulated to prevent abuse. The following information will help you learn about disabled parking permits, including eligibility requirements, application instructions and penalties for misuse.

Application Requirements

To apply for a new permit, you must:

  • Ask your doctor to complete the Disability Statement section of the permit application.
  • Complete the rest of the application, and submit the application and payment to your local county tax office

To renew a permit, you must:

  • Complete the lower portion of a new application (not the disability statement), including the signature of the applicant
  • Submit the expiring permit(s) or a copy of the original application, along with the new application and payment to your county tax office.

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Expiration Date

Whether you wish to obtain disabled license plates or placards, your doctor will need to attest to your disability and indicate whether it is temporary or permanent. Only those with permanent disabilities may obtain handicapped license plates, but the placards are available for those whose disabilities are either permanent or temporary. Permits for permanent disabilities must be renewed every four years. Permits for temporary disabilities are valid for six months or until your disability ends.

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Types of Permits

Texas drivers wishing to request a handicapped license plate or parking placard will need to fill out the Application for Disabled Person Identification Placard or Disabled Person License Plate provided by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Part of this form needs to be filled out by your physician. The form should be submitted to your county tax assessor-collector.

Texas offers several types of vehicle identification for drivers with disabilities. These days both red and blue (temporary and permanent) can be issued based on the type of disability.

Blue Permits

These permits are issued for people who are mobility impaired and need a wheelchair or other assistive device (such as a cane) to move around. Since it is permanent, the license plate is valid for four years.

Red Permits

These permits are issued for people with any other qualifying disability. Temporary placards are valid for six months or until you are no longer disabled, whichever comes first.

Wheelchair Symbol License Plates

The Handicap Plate is a regular license plate showing the International Symbol of Access (ISA) blue "wheelie" symbol in addition to the usual license numbers. This is permanently attached to one vehicle. Again, it is only legal to park such a vehicle in the handicapped spaces if the individual who qualified for the plate is in the car.

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If you qualify, you may receive the special license plates at no extra charge over and above your normal vehicle registration fees. Placards, which hang from a rear-view mirror, cost $5 and can be used in any vehicle the disabled person is driving or riding in.

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