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Page Summary: Vanity & Specialty Plates

Specialty License Plate copy for Florida

License Plates have come a long way over the years. They is no longer a single design for each state that gets replaced every year. You can now donate and support your favorite cause with your car. Florida offers the following license plates:

Standard Design

Florida the design with an orange and the motto: “Sunshine State” for free. Here is the Standard Design for Florida Plate

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Disabled Parking Plates & Permits

Please see our Disabled Permits & Handicap Permits page where we cover the application requirements, procedures and instructions.

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Specialty Plates

Support your favorite cause with a license plate and donation! Each specialty plate includes an additional charge that is collected by the State and sent to the sponsoring organization. You can purchase the plates when you renew your registration. If it is not time in your license plate's cycle to replace the metal license plate, you will pay a few additional dollars to switch to a specialty license plate, so the best time to switch is when you're going to have to replace your metal license plate (every five years). Specialty license plates cost a set fee (annually) above the standard Florida license plate, and the fees vary based on the type of license plate. For more information, see Specialty License Plate Report.

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Military Plates

Military plates are issued to individuals who meet a certain criteria. For example, to be eligible for a Medal of Honor license plate, the individual must submit proof from the U.S. Government that they were awarded the Medal of Honor. All military license plates, except Medal of Honor, are available at your local tax collector's office. Medal of Honor applications and renewals must be sent to:

Division of Motor Vehicles
Neil Kirkman Building
Direct Mail MS72
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0500
Military license plates can be issued for use only on the following type vehicles:

  • Automobile (Private or Lease).
  • Lightweight trucks for private use.
  • Motor home or truck camper which are not "for hire" or "commercial" use.
  • Heavy trucks with a net weight 7,999 lbs. or less.

Available military license plates:

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Personalized or Vanity License Plates

Personalized License Plates are available to any vehicle owner or lessee except a vehicle which requires "Restricted," "Apportioned," "Wrecker," or dual (two) truck license plates. Applications must be submitted to the license plate agency for approval. Cost is an additional $12 annually.

License plates with a center logo design such as the basic Florida license plate or the Save the Manatee license plate, may have up to 7 characters plus either a space or a hyphen. License plates with a left-side logo design such as collegiate and sports license plates, may have up to 5 characters with no additional space or hyphen.

You can inquire online if a plate is available.

Applications may be submitted at any time during the year. License plates are issued for the current registration period unless application is made during the advance registration period (3 months preceding the owner's birth month or designated registration period). When application is made during the advance registration period and full registration tax is paid, the license plate will expire the following year. Apply at your local tax collector's office.

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Amateur Radio License Plates

Amateur Radio License plates may be issued on automobiles (private or lease), trucks weighing 7,999 pounds or less and all recreational vehicle type units. Cost is an additional $5 annual fee for each original Amateur Radio license plate and $1.50 each year thereafter. Application may be submitted at any time during the year with a copy of the amateur radio license issued by the FCC and proof of Florida insurance to your local tax collector's office. Apply at your local tax collector's office.

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