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Page Summary: Bill of Sale

Florida Bill of Sale

The State of Florida provides a Notice of Sale / Bill of Sale for your use.

There is more to selling a car than simply signing the back of the title. If the buyer and seller don’t meet at the Tax Collectors office to transfer the title, the seller cannot be sure when the title will be transferred. If something happens prior to the transfer, legal problems may arise. To prevent this they buyer and seller should fill out 2 copies of the Notice of Sale / Bill of Sale; one for the seller and one for the buyer.

The Florida Notice of Sale / Bill of Sale serves two purposes; when signed both the Buyer and Seller, it is a Bill of Sale. If signed by only the Seller it is called a Notice of Sale and is used to cancel the registration.

The seller can then visit a Tax Collectors Office and submit a Notice of Sale. This lets the State know they no longer own the vehicle. The DMV will then cancel the registration so the vehicle cannot be driven on public roadways until the title is transferred and a new registration is filed.

The buyer will also want a copy to serve as their Bill of Sale.

The Buyer must visit the Tax Collectors Office within 30 days of purchase to prevent a late transfer penalty fee. In addition to transferring the title they must pay sales tax, register the vehicle and provide proof of insurance if necessary. You should always file a Notice of Sale if you donate your vehicle or have it towed for salvage.

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